General Information

General information
Goal of the society founded in 1985:
• Fostering, caring, guarding, popularization of the spiritual and objective heritage of the Blaskovich family.
• Caring the natural and built neighbourhood of the settlement and its region, guarding of its values.
• Supporting the historical opening and research of the noble lifestyle and the region, saving, maintenance of its perishing objective and written documents.
• Protection and popularization of cultural values, caring of progressive and folk traditions. Colouring the cultural life of the settlement and the region, popular education relating to social science, art and enviromental protection.
Supporting the Blaskovich Museum
This value safing and value transmitting activity is made for decades, voluntary, unfalteringly, free from politics. In order to realize its goals, the nonprofit society:
• Organizes exhibitions, cultural events, popular lectures, makes and publishes publications.
• Supports the pofessional and public relation activity of the Blaskovich Museum.
• Enriching the young poeple’s knowledge relating to the local heritage, ethnography, history, art and environmental protection. is a key priority for the society.
The costs of its tasks are financed by means of tender supports, donations of private individuals, firms and companies.