Nature Trail

The BOTANIC NATURE TRAIL established in the monumental neighbourhood of the mansion in Tápiószele got a MUSEUM PEDAGOGICAL PRIZE OF EXCELLENCE in 2008 .

Not only the original furniture of the Blaskovich mansion is a nice mirror of the Hungarian noble lifestyle but also of the park surrounding the mansion. Its arrangment goes back to the mid-1910s.
The primary goal of the botanic nature trail established in 2007 is the knowledge and professional presentation of the built and cultural heritage as well as the natural values.
Parts of the nature trail: informing- and species boards, educational-relaxing places, interactive toys.
Most of the trees and bushes of the park are as old as the mansion which came into the possession of the Blaskovich family in 1911. Its bird population is especielly rich. The informing boards of the trail present the wildlife of the garden (Interesting facts can be read about trees, bushes, undergroth, hollows). Along the inner garden road six picture boards were set by means of which the history of the mansion and the garden can be get acquanted with.
The so called species boards perform the educational function of the nature trail. The name of the trees, bushes and the typical undergroth was indicated on small boards. The species boards were classified in three categories, and marked with three coulours.

The trees are marked with icons and different colours. The old trees (oak, plane) planted by the Blaskovich brothers are indicated with the colour brown, the icons of non-native trees corresponding to the park (horse chestnut) are green, and the invasive alien, dangerous species (acacia) are marked with the colour red.
The reconstructed summerhouse is not only the place of relaxing but also the stage of education and learning since it is suitable for the reception of a whole class or a pupil’s group. The scene is ideal for discussing the subject of a presentation and observing the songs of birds.
Interactive toys on the nature trail:
• SINGLE-AXLE ROTARY TOY: By rotating the colourful cubes the children can get information on the objects of the museum in an amusing way, the adventure of the activity brings children closer to them, thus they learn to love them.
• FOUR-AXLE ROTARY TOY: By rotating the cubes in the right direction, 4 pictures can be put together: the old plan of the mansion garden, the sphinx, the garden bell, the hussar uniform.
The feeling of accomplishing the task offers carefree fun.
• DRAWING OVER: The paper put on the marble slab should be hatched with wax crayon so that the picture can be seen: white stork.
It supports touching and concentration while the blindfolded children are leading their fingers on the lines, therefore the toy is suitable for developing sight-impaired children.